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Terms of Service

Please read over our terms before ordering.


Quotes/Offers do not hold or bind you in a commission slot agreement. They are just a price estimate on options and character design. Currency is given in USD unless stated otherwise.  You must have proper clear 2- 3 view concept artwork provided to get more accurate pricing  Prices are subject to change between commission periods. We are only open for offers when posted on our website/social media.


You must be over the age of 18 to enter an agreement with us. We always encourage parents/legal guardians to contact us.

You understand you are ordering a hand made one of a kind costume made by an artist. They may and can contain imperfections, flaws and inconsistencies.

Your project must be accepted by us to start the ordering process.  See the How to Order page. You must make a payment to confirm your commission spot. We will not hold or reserve a commission

Best way to get accepted is have clear concept artwork of your character and know exactly what you want.

You may change your character concept up to 3 months before completion, but it must be discussed and finalized before hand. Price may vary. Once you have entered the 3 month zone your options are final.

We will not recreate any previous costume unless it is by original client.


A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your commission slot as discussed. You can make payments of $300 or more in a discussed payment plan until month prior completion time. EX: $1000 deposit, then payment of $300 a month for 5 months.

Paypal is acceptable for US and international. Check, and money orders are acceptable for US/Canada only. We accept E-transfer in Canada as well. 

Reminder Canadian clients are required to pay GST/HSD taxes.


There is no refund on the initial 30% deposit if you decide to cancel your slot.  After the costume is completed there is no refund option.  Remember this is a custom made project. If commission is canceled during construction the refund will vary on how much progress and time was invested. We hold the right to refuse and refund in full at our own choice. If a year goes past the discussed completion estimate without any communication from you we will consider the commission abandoned and no refund will be available.


Your project is not started until remaining 70% is in a month prior to completion. We will refund 100% on request if we have not started on your suit in a timely manner past our given estimated time. This is if we have delayed, if you failed to give us proper payment, poor communication, missing measurements, missing DTD, or similar.

Work in Progress

Often we do not share work in progresses because we work as such a fast rate.

-We will check for fur approvals when its more than just black and white.

-We will share a head progress shot for your approval before that step.


Common colors such as black, white, and elementary colors will not need approval. Please keep in mind not all fur and fabric colors are available and we will try our best to match.

If we or you have any concerns we will discuss over email.


Once the commission process has commenced, any alterations or modifications requested by the client that deviate from the initially agreed-upon specifications may incur additional charges.  Additionally if you are requesting changes to markings that still represent your character correctly based of preference incur additional charges. (EX: requesting a marking permanently sewn in to be moved one inch creates 3 hours of work)These charges will be calculated at a rate of $125usd per hour, plus the cost of materials, if applicable.


We do not have absolute deadlines, just completion estimates. We are a small business and things can come up to push dates back further. The artist can get sick or sore and will have to take breaks. Machines can break down and need repair.

If you fail to make certain payments or provide items we request this can cause delays in the construction of your costume.


Shipping will be though Canada Post. On occasion though USPS or Fedex.  We cover basic shipping when the suit is completed.

Any sort of expedite service will be additional cost paid by commissioner. Will be discussed at time of completion. If you have returned the costume for any reason(such as repairs) you are responsible for the return shipping.


You have a 60 day warranty for initial issues we are at fault with of first receiving the costume we will gladly fix immediately. Such as popped seams, and glue coming loose. Please keep us in the loop. We want to help you!


 Remember rough housing and high friction activities  will be hard on your suit.

Wear and tears is normal for any type of clothing so remember it will not last forever. However if you want to find us at a convention we can sew any sort of small rips or glue loose pieces. Feel free to email us with any concerns.

Large repairs/ modifications are case by case projects.  We charge $60 per hour. You cover return shipping. Most details will be discussed via email.

Any alterations to your costume that was not by us can void all future repairs.

Please make sure they are CLEAN before any sort of repairing. If not you will be charge  $200 cleaning fee.

-At conventions you must bring us two ButterFinger Bars-

IMPORTANT. When shipping you HAVE to mark for REPAIR AND RETURN on customs forms. Otherwise we will be unnecessarily taxed on items we are shipping back and you may need to repay the fees. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOU $


You are aware that by wearing a giant animal costume that your vision will be impaired, you will get warm, your dexterity will be low and your feet will be in giant fuzzy slippers; all for fun. We are not responsible for any stumbling, falling, tripping,  overheating, cuddling, snuggling, and hugging that may happen while in costume. You wear it at your own risk.

Website Content

The images and content on and social websites we have joined are strictly for MadeFurYou use only. The gallery images are to be used for individual clients only who paid for their costume. Do not repost and reuse any MFY images on any other website.

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