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Custom Commissions

Reference Art

First things first! You need a character reference. Please have a 2-3 view concept showing all your markings in the correct spots. The more angles the better. No shading is preferred so we can clearly see your markings.​


Know what you want!

Do you know what kind of fursuit you want? Make yourself familiar with what we can make and what is within our style. Every artist has their own flare to their building style. You can always ask or mention ideas you have to see what we can make for you!



Body Style Options

-Standard plantigrade(straight legs) bodies that are fun and easy to wear for the most active performer

-Padded Digitigrade bodies are great for those who want to disguise their body to look more like their character's form.

-Partial suits are just the head, hands, feet, and tail. No bodysuit. This way you can wear your clothes and stay cooler if you tend to overheat quickly!


Eye Style- Expressions

-Toony eyes that are flat against the face, you can request a large range of expressions.


-Follow Me Eyes that give an optical illusion the eyes follow. You can get many alluring expressions at many angles with these eyes.

-Semi-Realistic Glass are actually acrylic hemispheres that are hand painted to give more of a realistic illusion.


Hand & Feet Options

-Standard Hands are 4 finger hands that give you that toony appearance 

-Padded Hands are made with extra padding to help exaggerate your paw/hoof shapes

-Standard Feet are made on slip-on shoes adhered to sturdy thick EVA foam to withstand the outdoor terrain.

-Detailed Feet are made extra soft that fit like a sock. They're made for indoor use, mostly for photos or at home. Be Cozy!




Commission Opening

We open every 3-6 months to only take in 3-6 character designs at a time. This is due to the high demand we have.  We make announcements on our social media platforms such at Twitter, Facebook, Telegram Channels and more. 



If you're selected into our queue we will let you know completion estimates. A 30% nonrefundable deposit is required to secure your slot in the queue. 


Please do not feel discouraged if not selected. We simply cannot accept everyone due to demand.  Sometimes trying multiple times helps. We see so many beautiful designs we gave to decline, please try again! 


Character Price

When submitting your character please give us your budget and/or offer for your character. Pease remember that complex designs will need a higher budget.  Our starting costs are around $5kUSD  for a full suit. 


More you should know!

We do work with payment plans. Using PayPal, Check, and E-Transfer. Nothing is started until 100% paid off. 

Around a month or two prior to start of your slot we will email you asking for your Duct Tape Dummy, any remaining payment, and a measurement form. You can see our queue HERE

At any point you have questions or concerns email us!

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