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Do you make Partial fursuits

Yes we do partial fursuits. Those include the head, hand, feet and tail. Sleeves can be requested.

Do I need to make a DTD?

For a full costume yes, we need one. A Tutorial can be found here

Can you wear glasses inside your heads?

Varies on options & clients face as we try to make the heads form fit to your head. Please tell us ahead of time. We generally think its uncomfortable to fit lenses inside so contacts at highly recommended. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship worldwide. Shipping costs to some countries can vary from $150-$600

Do you do payment plans?

Yes! We always start with a 30% nonrefundable deposit, from there you can make payments on your invoice. 

Do you work with minors?

We will work with a parental guardian with those under the age of 18. Remember our costumes are custom made to your fit so it is suggested you get a partial suit until you stop growing. 

Do you make spare fursuit parts?  EX:paws, tail, bodies

We occasionally will make spare parts for existing clients, we typically don't offer to the general public unless we state otherwise on social media

Do you make copyright characters?

We will make your custom OC that is inspired by certain characters, but we will not recreate any copyright characters.

Do you add electronics? EX: fans, lights

We do not offer any electronics for your suit, but you can let us know if you plan to yourself so we can create extra space.

Do you have pets in your workshop?

We have shop dogs that roam around but do not typically interact with our materials. 

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