Duct Tape Dummy Guide


What is a Duct Tape Dummy(DTD)?

It is a fast cheap way of getting a template of your body. Made from taping up about 80% of your body.  This is done by wearing coveralls or any sort of unimportant clothing, and by taping your torso, and limbs.  This ensures a correctly made body made just for you! This is required for all full suits. Partials do NOT need a DTD.

coverallsdtdWhat will you need?

-Scissors (medical scissors work best)
-duct tape
-coveralls (pajamas, or old clothes work as well) Do NOT use any stretchy material.
-A friend, the more the merrier!
-Paper Towels, just in  case

Step 1:Coveralls and Taping

  • wristdtdFirst put on your coveralls, it is best to wear little clothing underneath . You would not want to risk cutting with scissors. (recommended to just wear your undergarments)
  • Next start taping your wrists and ankles. This will prevent the sleeves from shrinking while taping your torso and limbs. Make sure you go all the way down to your ankles and wrists.


  • Helpful TIP Use Pieces of 4-5″inches of tape instead of “mummy”wrapping. This will keep the DTD from being too tight(cutting circulation is bad). Also helps keep accuracy.
  • After you have done your wrists and ankles you will move more to your center. Go around your buttocks area, upper thighs and hips. Then do the same for your chest and upper arms. Slowly start to meet in the middle of your arms, legs and torso.legsdtd
  • While taping your limbs try to move around as you go. Lift your arms & legs and bend forward. You shouldn’t have too much restriction while creating it. Remember your costume is going to be based off your DTD.
  • If your DTD is tight, pulling or snagging in an area you can cut it open and place paper towels in and tape over to make the extra needed room.
  • You can do one or two layers of tape. Make sure to get full coverage.

Step 2:Removing


  • Before cutting draw lines down the top of your arms and sides of you legs, as well as down your back/belly where you plan to start cutting.  This is for your can accurately tape the dummy back up by matching the lines.
  • Mark where your belt line is for your tail.
  • Mark little circles where you elbows and knees are.
  • If there  are other important areas you want to mark please feel free to do so.
  • NOW carefully snip your friend out.  Please do not tear or rip the DTD off 🙂


Step 3:What’s next?

  • DTDOn the front or back please write: Your NAME and CHARACTER NAME
  • It would be great if you tape up the DTD along the dashed line your friend used to cut you out on.
  • Please fold or roll up nicely. They should be quite sturdy if taped up correctly,