We now have set up a Tello! Not in correct order, but done in sections! Hope you enjoy!



Big update!

Commissions will be open April 2018. Only a select few will be chosen. This is due to the demand being so high we take in small batches to be finished with in a 6-8 month turn around instead of 12+ months. This gives you time to prepare, discuss, and save.

Next convention will be Furnal Equinox in Toronto Canada! First international convention I will be at! Please say hello to Syber or one of her many characters!

I have had a very drastic change in personal life I have been trying to balance that with work. I appreciate the amazing patience everyone has had.  This is not taken lightly, I cannot describe how hard this year has been emotionally and mentally. Please tell your loved ones how much they mean to you before time has run out.


I wanted to announce that the MFY commission opening is going to be postponed until further notice. I’d like that everyone respect that family has become a large priority to me due to recent circumstances. I appreciate everyone’s patience with me. This is a battle we are fighting and need to stay strong for the time that we have is limited.  I plan on working during this time still. Things will be delayed, but I do not want to rush work. I would love to give you something that is made with TLC and love even in times of hardship.

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I will be attending MWFF in Chicago this year. Keep an eye out!

As a fun reminder please learn how to properly take care of your costume! We made a page on how to clean it!