A bit of an update is always good! FWA was an amazing fun convention. Had an absolute blast! HavenCon was new but a great con with a new feels. I will def want to attend again! Thank you!


The current suit queue is getting  closer to cleared out, each day getting smaller! I really appreciate everyone being so patient. Last year brought many unexpected events which pulled my time away from the studio. Family took a large priorty. Thanks for understanding that.  Given that it has created some anxiety in me which has effected my work schedule/responses to things. I am focusing really hard to get past it to get work done in an orderly fashion. So when I say I appreciate your patience I really mean it! It was really hard for me to admit I have anxiety right now. Im not ignoring/forgetting anyone.

This year I plan to get caught up and ahead. In which I am already close to that. Homing in on the final stretch.

When I open for commissions June 25 I plan on only taking 4 commissions. So PLEASE do not feel discouraged if not chosen. I only want to take a few at a time so I dont end up with a long queue. Try again next time. So many great designs and concepts to choose from is always difficult. Thanks for understanding that.

Please do not contact me privately about commissions or questions to my personal accounts. That includes my significant other as well. Im not ready to discuss and take commissions at this time. So please look through the website.




We will be attending these following conventions

-Biggest Little Fur Con



-Midwest Fur Fest