Heyo Hello!


Slowly yet surely getting the MFY queue finished! Things had taken longer than expected, but good things to come from it! Appreciate the patience. Last year was most definitely a challenging year. Bumpy roads lead to great things!

First weekend of April(2 weeks) we’ll be attending FWA. Syber is Guest of Honor and will have a table! Be sure to stop by and see us! New MFY items will be available too. There will be a MFY party on friday of the convention. Times will be announced  closer to con dates. This will be a big thank you to all MFY fans and clients for supporting us though out the years. Wouldn’t be here without you!

Last weekend of April we will be attending HavenCon in Austin Texas! Come see us there too! Syber will be out!  Very excited about this!


April is just a month of exciting things! Commissions will be open the last day of April! Whoo! Very exciting!


Some suits recently created! 


crispy ducati kacec sutton vega lyra meehsa windscar destinii denver







We will be attending these following conventions

-Furry Weekend Atlanta 


-Biggest Little Fur Con