I wanted to announce that the MFY commission opening is going to be postponed until further notice. I’d like that everyone respect that family has become a large priority to me due to recent circumstances. I appreciate everyone’s patience with me. This is a battle we are fighting and need to stay strong for the time that we have is limited.  I plan on working during this time still. Things will be delayed, but I do not want to rush work. I would love to give you something that is made with TLC and love even in times of hardship.

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I will be attending MWFF in Chicago this year. Keep an eye out!

As a fun reminder please learn how to properly take care of your costume! We made a page on how to clean it!




Just an update! Many suits about to make a big entrance! Lots of colorful critters making their way into the world!

So close to finally clearing the backlog due to family events taking my time last year. As always much appreciated for your patience<3

It was amazing how many quote/commission requests that were sent in on the 25th. Thank you! It was very hard to choose just a handful of designs to make. Don’t ever feel discouraged if you weren’t selected. MFY consists of only one, with the occasional help of friends. Only so much can be done at a time. Equally spreading my time is becoming quite tedious. Alway appreciate understanding.

New commissions and quote will be opening this winter. Keep an eye out! Aiming for October, but may push it back.




We will be attending these following conventions


-Midwest Fur Fest