Happy New Year! Start of a brand new year! Many things happening for everyone. Hope you had a great start so far. I know I have!

First off MFY will be opening for commissions in April 2017. New and improved designs. Updating our prices, photos and costume details on the website too. Making the prototype now.

-Delays on our queue are slowing getting taken care of. Family emergencies have taken my time more than expected this year. Thank you so much for your patience. It means the world to me.

-New studio still does no have internet, so my posting has been limited to when I’m at home.

-Guest of Honor at two conventions this year.  Furry Weekend Atlanta and HavenCon! See you there!

Some suits recently created! 

dober verona jasirii danw








We will be attending these following conventions

-Furry Weekend Atlanta 


-Biggest Little Fur Con