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Closed for commissions. Keep an eye out on twitter for announcements

 We hand select projects that we would love to create.

There is a high demand and we can only take so many projects at a time. As a reminder we have a specific costume style. Certain character concepts compliment our artistic abilities more than others. Keep an open mind when searching for your creator. Please do not feel discouraged if you are not selected. We plan to be open again later this year. We appreciate your interest and look forward hearing from you.

Please remember to have proper 3-view concept art.


If you need an artist to help you design a character please feel free to look over our Concept Art Page .

Don’t know what you want? We are more than happy to do artistic liberty costume! What’s that? You give us a few minor details like species, eye style and body type; and we do the rest. Giving our own flare, designs and ideas to your costume. The costume above is an example of our creative freedom.