How to Order

busterHave you ever wanted to get your own custom made character by Made Fur You? Well here is a step by step guide to help you learn how

We take in a selected amount of commissions per month so we can make your costume by hand. We list our openings on the Quote Request Page

What are commissions?  To give an order for or authorize the production of (something such as a building, piece of equipment, or work of art).

Step 1: Character Concept

-First and most importantly is having the proper references and artwork for your costume design!
-Even if you’re just getting a simple head to a full digitigrade costume we need to know what you want.
-If you need help  getting art check out this page! CONCEPT ART PAGE
Here is a perfect example of what will work! 

We cannot start without a concept artwork!

Step 2: Send in a Quote!

titanVisit our  Quote Request Page fill out the form with important info.
-From there your quote will be emailed to us.
-Once we receive your quote we can give you an estimate on how much your custom costume will be and if we accept your character project.
-We select the projects we would like to make, so there is a chance you may not get selected immediately. Some projects would not best suit our style or we would recommend a different maker to do a better job.
-By sending in a quote it does not mean we will start making your costume.
-Remember quotes can change if they are over 6 months old.

Step 3: Finalizing your Commission-Payment

-So you’ve got your quote and details finalized! You decide to got though with  MFY to create your character. YAY!zafara
-Let us know via email though the emailed quote.
-Discussion on completion time and payment will be made. We will plan to get all new work done in 1-6months.
-Nothing is secure or final until a payment is made.
-We will require an initial 30% deposit to secure your commission. The rest will be needed a month prior to completion.  %30 of your deposit is non refundable.

Step 4: The Wait and Preparation

Now that you have set in your deposit Its time to wait the 1-6 months for your estimated completion month. We have not set deadlines just time frames.

Duct Tape DummyDTD

  • Its time for preparation. If  you had commissioned a full suit you will need to make a Duct Tape Dummy(DTD).
  • What is a DTD? This is where you make a body cast out of duct tape!
  • This will help make the costume fit to your body type.  We work off the DTD as a template. Remember a good DTD will make a good fitting body. If you rush and make one that is not so good(tight, bent limbs, or falling apart) we cannot guarantee a proper body fit.
  • Here is a wonderful tutorial
    MFY’s help page
  • If your weight is due to change please make the DTD close to your costume completion time.
  • We do not need the DTD until a month prior to completion. We have  limited space, so please wait while we work on current projects to make room for yours.

Measurement Sheet

kazukiAround a Month Prior to completion( we will email you) we will email you a .pdf form to fill out. You can print and ship it with a DTD, or email us the filled out .pdf  This is required for all full suits and partials. Asking for details such as

  • Shoesize
  • Head Circumference
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Limb lengths
  • More!

 For best results  make a bullet point of important features you have mentioned in previous emails. This will prevent mistakes and clear details. 

Step 5: Construction of your Costume


So you have been waiting the 1-6 months for your completion month.  Your DTD, measurements and  remaining payments are all in! We will only start construction when you are 100% paid up. 

Since we take in 4-6 costumes a month it’ll be worked on though out the month.  We may provide a few works in progress photos if we have questions on design approval. Typically we work fast when we get down on a certain tasks.  Please remember we are an artist not an engineer. Some things do take time and others are second nature to produce.    We try our best to balance artistic abilities with construction methods.

We may be emailing you fur and fabric photos for approval if you have special colors mainly regarding natural palets. Please keep in mind not all fur and fabric colors are available and we will try our best to match.

Step 6:Shipping

Yay! Your character is created and ready to go home with you! Provide us with your shipping  address to receive your critter.saturn

We ship international each continent varies on shipping, by now we have already discussed shipping costs.

United States shipping will be though Fedex(Primary) or United States Postal Service(Used for expedited shipping).

International will be though United States Postal Service. This can arrive from 1 week to 3 weeks. This varies on your country’s custom regulations. We have no power on the package once it arrives in your country.

Step7: Be your character!


Have fun !