Most common FAQ's (18)

Does my suit have a warranty?

Yes and No! We would love to keep seeing you enjoying your character costume.
Everything is a case by case situation. If your suit is new and something irregular happened we can fix it asap!
Some things will cost to be repaired if a large amount of material and time is needed.
We just request you pay for the shipping. PLEASE wash your
costume before shipping back. Email us to request any repairs or
changes. Please remember, your costume will wear down as it ages and
you wear it. Just like clothing and shoes. New parts can be made like
hands and feet paws.

What if I gained/lost weight?

You’re always welcome to send back your suit for alterations. E-mail
us so we can discuss what needs to be done and pricing if needed.

What is a DTD?

This is where you wear some sort of long sleeved clothing(PJs,
painters coveralls, etc) and you duct tape your self entirely up to
your collar bone. (Hands and feet can be free) You’ll need at least
one other person to help you.


What do you need when making a full suit?

We need a duct tape dummy(DTD), shoe size, height, weight, & width
around your head. We will email you a measurement form to fill out as

How long does it take to make a full suit?

Normally 1-2 weeks, but this depends entirely on the complexity. However we have a long wait time to make everyone in our que.

Where do you get your fur?

We order our materials from distinctivefabric.com, syfabrics.com, and
crscrafts.com. We also go directly to the LA Fabric District to hand
pick furs and fabric.

Can I use Second Life avatars for references?

Yes, if you have 3 different clear angles of your character. Please
remove hair so facial markings can be seen.

What if I don’t have a reference sheet or concept art?

If you have a very simple request you’re more than welcome to give a
description(EX: black wolf with blue eyes and pink paw pads). For
anything more complex than that you can always ask for referrals to
artists that are experienced with making reference sheets.
refs@madefuryou.com will be more than happy to assist you with a

Can I change my design after I already paid the deposit?

Yes, e-mail in the new reference and we can discuss changes in price
if needed. Please give a notice at least 2 months in advance. I’m
sorry but we can not guarantee changes any sooner. Bullet point
changes in final email before completion to make sure nothing is lost
in email.

Do you ship international?

Yes, but shipping will vary so, please mention where you live when
quoting. All currency quotes and payments are in US Dollars (USD).

What forms of money do you take?

Paypal, SquareCash, Bank Transfer  Checks & Money Orders. All currency quotes and payments are in US
Dollars (USD). International customers are requested to use paypal for
both our security.

What are your payment steps?

We require a 30% non-refundable deposit. After that we need the
remaining 70% a month prior to completion. You may make payments $200
or more each month until a month prior to completion. NOTHING is
started until all 100% is paid.

Can you create copyright characters?

Simply, no. We can create costumes inspired by our your favorite mainstream characters.

What age do you have to be to get a costume from MFY?

You need to be 18+ years of age to order a costume. However a legal guardian can give permission for us to work with you. Feel free to have them email us as well 🙂

Do you show Work in Progress photos?

We will show occasional WIP photos, but we do not guarantee. If something comes to question we can work with you on our or your concern. Remember we have been making costumes for 4+years and have a better idea how things will turn out.

I have pet allergies, do you have pets?

We have two pet dogs, but they do not lay or sleep in the fur or materials. We do not have cats or any other pets.

Where are you located?

We are located in sunny Tampa, Fl.